Weather: Phuket

Hello there! I finally just finish record 2 dishes today. Kata Thai Cooking Class will have a Video coming up soon next year. I hope a lot of people will like it. I will tell you how it goes. It takes so long because we have many ideas how to make it perfect and we want it to be a real good VDO that everyone want to see it. Thank you for all the support. I wish this Christmas will have someone cook Thai for dinner. Especially Tom Yum Koong that is perfect for winter.

If you come back to Phuket, I would recommend you to come after new year because weather seems to be great. It is actualy better than last two years. You can see in phuketgazette online. Super windy in last 2 days.

Hope to see your guys soon.


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  1. Karo says:

    No matter how the wheather is, I just want to go to Phuket!

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