Fresh Coconut Milk

Fresh Coconut Milk is something that question many people. For Thai we’ve seen it at the local market since we are a child. When I was young I still remember the old day when my mom’s maid prepare the coconut milk. I have some photo to show you. Nowaday what people get when they want fresh coconut milk. Start with the shreding machine- get the flesh out the coconut milk, then put to the white bag and pour water into the bag.

Bring the bag and put into the pressing machine. (as photo).The milk will come out thru. Then repeat by putting  water in again and press it out but you will put the milk in different bag. The first water you got is more creamy (Thai calls it “Head”). Second water we call “Tail”. Simply explain itself by thickness of the milk.

When you use the coconut milk in Thai cooking by using UHT Milk, you better shake it well  before pour it out because the cream will floating at the top and very watery at the bottom.

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