Recipe: Marinated Paste

The recipe for ground pork, chicken, or beef : 100-200gram of meat : 2 roots of Corainder, Garlic 1 tablespoon, Peppercorn 1 teaspoon.

First you will need to add all herbs in the mortar and smash it until fine then, mix it to the meat and seasoning with fish sauce 1 tablespoon/ or Thai Soy Sauce 1 tablespoon + a little piece of palm sugar.

This paste you can use for meat ball in clear soup, or deep fried the meat ball.

For Fish Fillet or whole fish: Salt, Ground Garlic, Turmuric powder

Mix them all and rub the fish before you fry it.

Thai Basil paste: Garlic 2 Cloves, Big Red/Yellow Chili 4-5 slices, Small Thai Chili 2-5 chilies

you better use mortar for smash all this until the garlic half way fine. We use this paste stir fried in Vegetable oil before you add the meat.


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