Restaurant in Phuket Part II

Restaurant in Phuket beside the quick lunch I stop. Dinner seems to be important meal for everyone. We like good place, good food, and good price. It is easy if you ask Thai who love to eat.

Raya Restauarant is the one I recommend for good dining before you leave Phuket. It is in Phuket Town and open dinner only. You will experience Phuket Food(Southern Chinese Style). Try Red Curry with Crab Meat.

Pak Nam Seafood is another place not far from above. They serve good Thai& Seafood delicious both Thai and Farang will love it. (recommend to reserve if you come with 5 or more persons).

another place I recommend not far from Kata/ Karon beach. It is just right at Chalong Pier. Kan Eang @ pier is suitable for family or friend party. It also held the group party as well.  It sets up is modern and uptodate. Go before sunset you can enjoy the view of the pier and boat surroundings.

Further up to Pa lai area which around 10-15 minutes away from Chalong Pier you will see more of the local seafood Thai on the same road as Phuket Zoo. You can have 3-6 more restaurants to choose.

Hope we have the idea where you can take your family for your holiday and have a great time.


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  1. Kelly Cook says:

    Hi Kelly,

    While we visited you at your cooking school we asked about Thai breakfast. You sent us to a yellow restaurant not far from you at the top of the street for Dim Sum and then a street stall selling Sticky rice. We loved both of these and think you should let every one know about these two places. Was a highlight of our dining experience while in Thailand. We returned for breakfast every day.

    Thank you for an unforgettable experience

    Kelly, Newcastle Australia (visited in sept 2012)

  2. Kelly Cooking Class says:

    Hello Kelly,
    That place we call “Mala Dim Sum” they are open everyday. A lot of Thai eat there in the morning.It is opened from 7am -2pm. Next to them little shop where they sell sticky rice with different topping in Banana leave.

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