Street Vendor: Should we eat it!

Hello everyone,

For all visitors, you might be wondering what they serve on street vendor! Is it safe to eat? Should I eat it?

here is my opinion, you can eat only some of them such as fruit vendor: Young coconut Juice,  guava, Mango (not a sour),etc. you need to looking for fresh cut in front of you. and you don’t need to dip to the option they gave ( sugar+ salt+chili power) or the syrup with spicy.

Food vendor such as Pad Thai: It is ok if you want to taste it. Just go with no Meat. Egg is ok. (Imagine where they keep and clean the meat?).

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BBQ Vendor is yummy. But to eat safe: go with Chicken breast and look how fresh they are. If the weather is extremely hot on that day, you better skip it.

Papaya Salad Vendor: I will eat only BBQ chicken and grilled it before you eat.

Roti/ Banana Pancake: Why not! try it. with condense milk and sugar. It is YUM!

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1 Comments on “Street Vendor: Should we eat it!”

  1. Hi Kelly,

    Trying the variety of street food has been one of the best things on my trips to Thailand; however I would suggest that the best thing visitors do is watch which ones the locals go to and what they eat. It is usually cheaper than the ones aimed at tourists too! I always avoid the BBQ fish as it is usually sat in the sun and covered in flies. And lastly, definitely avoid the processed ‘meats’ on sticks, the ones that look like frankfurters or chicken balls; I don’t know what goes into those things but they made me very ill.

    Grasshoppers are a tasty street food too, everyone should try them!

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