Thai Recipes: Red Curry

Hello Everyone,

Today I will show you how to cook Red Curry. My recipe is more of Southern style red curry. The different is Turmeric. Let see how we cook it.

Start with the paste!

  • Lemongrass                        3 tablespoons
  • Galangal                               1tablespoon
  • Shallot                                  5 cloves
  • Fresh Garlic                        10 Cloves
  • Black Pepper                      ½ tablespoon
  • Dried Chili                            1 tablespoon
  • Fresh Thai chili                 15-20 chili
  • Shrimp Paste                     ½ tablespoons
  • Salt                                         ½ tablespoon
  • Turmeric                             1 cm
  • Kaffir Lime Skin                1 teaspoon

Blend all the herbs together in the blender by adding coconut milk to herbs. Until it is smooth. Use only 1-2 tablespoon for 1 person when you cook with 1 cup of coconut milk.

How To:

Put the fresh curry paste in the pan and heat with low to medium heat. when it boiling, let it simmers 10-15 seconds before you add 1/4 cup of coconut milk. mix it well and let it boil again. Repeat the step adding coconut milk one more time and add the rest of the milk in. Taste it before you add the meat (Chicken, Pork, Beef). Don’t stir let it cook 50-60% before you turn and add vegetable (Eggplant, pea eggplant, or cabbage). add palm sugar(1 teaspoon), fish sauce(1/2- 1 tablespoon). Balance the flavor until you like it. Keep taste the sauce until you like. Wait until all the vegetable cooked. Add Basil and Red chili or Tear the Kaffir lime leave.

The red curry sauce you can add roasted duck or seafood as you like.

Have a great day cooking guys!


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