Thai Recipes: Spring Roll

Hello Everyone,

Spring roll or egg roll; A Popular choice to order for starter. Most of the time they will do vegetarian.


  • Cabbage                                  3 cup
  • Carrot                                      2 cup
  • Glass Noodle                         1 pack(40g)
  • Garlic                                        3 cloves
  • Oyster sauce                           3 tablespoons
  • Sugar                                          ½ tablespoon
  • Black Pepper                           1 teaspoon
  • Soy sauce/ or Salt                 1 teaspoon
  • Spring Roll Wrap                   10-20 sheets
  • Vegetable Oil for frying       2 cups

How To:

Slice Cabbage and Carrot together,Put glass noodle in water

Chop garlic and put in the vegetable oil with medium light until garlic turn light brown. Then put cabbage and carrot stir fried together follow with the noodle and season with the oyster sauce, salt/ soy sauce, black pepper, sugar. Fried until the vegetable cooked and dried. Put into the bowl leave until it is cold.

Wrap the roll by put the egg or Corn flour mix with water for sticking together.

Fry in hot oil.

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