General: Thai Dessert

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I’d like to share some of the Thai dessert we eat at the class. It is actually sweet sticky rice which comes in different topping.

Most common will be egg custard and Coconut and the unusual you see with yellow strip is Jackfruit!

Another thing you can notice is Black Sticky Rice! yes, it is totally black rice. It gave you a different texture when you eat. ThereĀ is a secret how to cook the rice perfectly.

We eat sticky rice in dessert a lot such as Durian in coconut milk and sweet sticky rice, Thai Melon in coconut milk and sticky rice serve with ice, Red Bean with sticky rice and coconut milk. Yes, it is quite heavy and fill you up after you eat it.

Thai we use Banana leave to wrap up the food long before I was born. It is only special type of Banana leave not just any.

In Phuket and other province of Thailand, people still eat Sticky rice in different styles of cooking for Breakfast, afternoon tea.

So, when you see Thai dessert at Hotel or market, don’t be afraid to try them. It is good.

Sticky rice with different topping

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