Job’s Tear Dessert

Hello Everyone,

Today I’d like to show you have to cook Job’s Tear. It is called “Lok Duay” in Thai. Thai add this bean in soy milk, or in dessert. It has high fiber and it is good for someone who has “Gout” . I think the texture is like you eat bean but it has more gummy feeling to it. From articles I read they said it have Vitamin B1 and B2 higher than brown rice. So, if you know brown rice, you know what make you feel good.

Some recommend to cook with boil rice. I would suggest you to saok it in cold water for 1 hour before.

Here is how I cook it at Kata Thai Cooking Class, Phuket

Start with Washing bean for many many times until it is clean. Then, soak them in cold water 1 hour. Start to boiling water and add bean into boiling water. Continue for 15 minutes and check if it is cooked. It is like you cook pasta. Taste it by pressing and eat it.

Another pot start with coconut milk 2 cups and add water 1 cup. Boiling and add cooked bean in continue boil for 10 minutes and add sugar as the way you like. Also, salt 2-3 teaspoon to contract the taste. Mix well and taste it. Serve warm or cold.

You don’t need to cook it all what you have. Save some to put in your soy milk or boil rice.

Job's tearJob's tear Dessert

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