Recipe: Crying Tiger dipping sauce

Hi there,

This dipping sauce is the “Killer”. We use this sauce for “Crying Tiger” , “BBQ Chicken”, “BBQ Pork” and super yummy eat it with Sticky Rice. You may use for other dishes such as your Steak :),or Lamb. Taste is sour and spicy. Key ingredient is Chili powder, Fish sauce, Shallot.

Here is all you need:

Fish sauce 1 Tablespoon, Tamarind Sauce 1 Tablespoon, Palm Sugar 1 Tablespoon, Water 1-2 Tablespoons

Roasted Rice Powder 1 tablespoon, Shallot 1 Tablespoon, Chili Powder 1-2 teaspoon as you like, Spring onion chop up 1 Steam

How to:

Mix all ingredients in red letter together and taste (it is not complete yet don’t panic).

Add all in green letter together and mix it a bit, then taste it . adjust until you like it. you may need more sugar or fish sauce.

You possible can add Lime juice in 1-2 tablespoon extra sour.

Enjoy it! by Phuket Kata Thai Cooking


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