Recipe: Garlic & Pepper Stir Fried

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Here is recipe for garlic and pepper. A lot of us like it saucy but some may like it dry. Let see how to cook.

First you need Garlic and black pepper If you like corainder root, you can add it in 1 stem. Smash it together and marinate the meat. Add seasoning sauce such as Gloden Mountain Brand soy sauce, and Salt (only a bit). Add Oyster sauce too. Marinate for 5 minute before you stir fried.

Add Vegetable oil in the pan and heat with medium heat. Put the meat you marinated in and cook until it is well done. Add water if you like the sauce about 2-3 TB. add vegetable you like such as Broccoli, Cauliflower, Baby corn. Cook 2 minutes more and it is done!

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Garlic and Pepper

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  1. Nuri says:

    I am planning to visit Thailand in October this year God willing and the first thing I want to do is this cooking course!!!
    Until then…

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