Recipe: Green Curry

Most popular Curry forever is GREEN Curry. Here is how to make the paste.

Green Curry Paste

  • 15-20      Fresh Thai Green Chili & 2 Thai Green Chili(big)
  • Salt                                                       2-3      teaspoon
  • Galangal                                               1      tablespoon
  • Lemongrass                                          3      tablespoons
  • Skin of      Kaffir Lime                         ½      teaspoon
  • Fresh     Garlic and Shallot                  6-8      Cloves
  • Roasted      Coriander Seed                 ½      teaspoon
  • Roasted      Cumin Seed                      ½       teaspoon
  • Shrimp      Paste                                    2      teaspoon
  • Coriander    Root                                   1      tablespoon
  • Black Pepper                                         10-15 seeds

Blend everything together except Shrimp Paste which you can add it later. Image

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  1. Kelly Cook says:

    Very easy to make and without a doubt the best green curry I have tasted.

  2. April says:

    The food we cooked with Sally was the best Thai food I’ve ever tasted.

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