Market Tour Monday& Thursday Dinner


Hello Everyone,

Many tourists come to Phuket and stay only in Hotel and the beach. If you step out further to local market, you will experience Thai way of Life. Beside walking thru market and get information about fruits and vegetable. Students will try some fruits and Thai Local Food as well. You may stay 10 days on the beach and eat out at restaurant near your hotel without knowing how and where they are from.

Here is a good opportunity to see it with your own eyes. How Thai people still look slim with such a good food and varieties. We took some picture from Market Tour for you. To join Market tour please contact us by email or call +66817875895, This market is available only Monday and THursday Evening class 4pm. Other days we willtake you to local market where restaurants and Thai go daily. Still have chance to taste some of Dessert and Fruits.


Fresh Vegetables and Herbs
Fresh Vegetables and Herbs


Thai Handy Carft and Bed Silk, Shellfish, Dried Fish
Thai Handy Carft and Bed Silk, Shellfish, Dried Fish
Vegetables, specialty Fooda
Vegetables, specialty Foods




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