Recipe:Egg Custard


Hello everyone,

I’m back again. Today I try egg custard that we serve with sweet sticky rice and I have a request on this. It is very good dessert like flan, creme brûlée but Thai style dessert.


Duck egg (super big and creamy yolk)  4 eggs

Palm Sugar                                                   200gram

Salt                                                                 1/2 teaspoon

Pandan Leaves                                           4-5 leaves or Vanilla Extract 1 teaspoon

Coconut Cream                                          2 cups

Evaporated Milk                                       50 gram

How to

Start by beat the egg together and add Palm sugar and try to melt it all by squeezing. You will add pandan leave in to get nice smell of it. add Milk and coconut cream in mix it well. Fliter it to container you want to steam with.

You will  need to prepare steamer by add water 3/5 of the pot , then put the custard in the steamer. Cook around 25-35 minutes. Checking by put toothpick stick in the centre and if it comes out clear. It should be done.  Wait until it is cool down before you serve. Be careful when you lift the lid off, the water on the lid may drop in the dessert.


Egg custard1

Sticky rice with different topping

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