What do you eat for breakfast in Thailand? Thai!

Many students ask me what do Thai people eat for breakfast? That question can hit you as well what you have been eating every morning. I try to pull back my memory… and I realize that someday and most of rush morning…I will eat only toast and coffee. Now when students ask, what is THai breakfast, I need to pause and think and think and think. YES, now I have the answer.

Thai can eat from light breakfast to heavy breakfast depend have easy to get it.

Light breakfast can be Chinese Donut (Pa-Tok-Ko)- it is a fry dough. It is crispy and chewy, Sweet Sticky Rice (Khao-niew) with different topping such as egg custard, Jackfruit, Seasoning fish and shrimp, seasoning coconut, or grilled sticky rice or different desserts.

Medium breakfast can be BBQ Pork (Moo-Ping) is grilled marinated pork and serve with sticky rice, Fried chicken.

Heavy breakfst can be a meal like Chicken and Rice serve with ginger sauce, boil rice with pork or chicken, Noodle with red curry (Kanom-Jean).

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