Recipe: Squid Cake inspired by Jamie Oliver


Hello Everyone,
It is been long time since I posted the last recipe. Last night! I watched Jamie’s 15 minutes and I think this is something we can do. Usually we eat Fish cake and I’ve never done anything beyond that. He makes it look easy to cook. I adjust a bit to my style but you can keep it simple as well.
Photo First to see how it look like!

I think it looks like Fish cake. Anyway. Here how we do.Squid Cake (Appertizer)

For 2 persons

Fresh Squid                             200 gram

Shallot/ Red Onion                2 Tablespoon

Ginger                                      2 Tablespoon

Salt                                           ¼ Teaspoon

Green Onion                          2 Tablespoon

Flour for Crispy Fry               2 Tablespoon

Soda                                         2-3 Tablespoon


Clean and cut squid into bit size, Sliced shallot, Chop up Green onion and shred Ginger. Put all ingredients in the Food Mixer with salt. Blend it up around 1-2 minutes.

Mix Flour with soda. Put oil in the pan to fry around ¼ cup. Medium heat. Get the squid mix a tablespoon size coat with flour batter and fry it up in oil. 2-3 minutes. Until it is cooked.

If you don’t have flour for Crispy fry, you just skip that part. It is delicious by itself as well.
Squid cake


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  1. Posy says:

    What do you mean by soda? And what type of oil do you use? Thank you!

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