How To Cook Rice in the pot!

Hello Everyone,

I have many students who don’t have rice cooker but want to cook rice occasionally. So, I use the pan I have and find the lid to cover it.

How to start is you need around 2 cups of rice (Jasmine Rice/ Whit Rice). rinse them 2-3 times with water. Fill up the water by tab your finger to the rice level. Water should be under the 1 line of your finger (1/2 – 3/4 of the first line.)

Here is some Photo to cook. Use the medium heat wait until it boils and turn the heat to low heat and put the lid cover it and set time 15 minutes (you may need 10-12minutes). It depends on the pan you have. Mine pan is flat so, it cooks faster. If the pan is Deeper, you may need 15 minutes.

Enjoy the Rice!


How to cook Rice in the Pot.
How to cook Rice in the Pot.


Cook rice1


cook rice3

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