Thai Recipe: Chicken in Pandan Leaves

Hello everyone,

This week I found beautiful Pandan Leave and I can not skip this favourite menu. Most of Thai will like it. We called it “Kai hor bai Tuey” or “Chicken in panda Leave”.

Simply and delicious!

Chicken in Pandan

Chicken 500gram, Sesame Oil 2 teaspoons, Oyster sauce 3 TB, Soy Sauce 1 TB, Mince garlic 1 TB and Coriander Root 2-3 Stems,  Black Pepper 1/2 TB.

Marinate it with chicken 2 hours then you wrap it with the pandan leave and fried it up around 7-9 minutes. You will get chicken nicely cooked. Serve with Sweet and Spicy Sauce (Spring roll sauce).

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