Recipe: Massaman Paste

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We love to let you know that we post How to make Fresh Massaman Paste on the website now.  It is time consuming which usually we will buy it pre-made at market. Time to make the paste is 2-3 hours and cooking time is 2 hours+.

Massamam Curry Paste Massaman paste part II Massamancurry paste1


  1. Dried Chili (Large Chili)            10 gram
  2. Salt                                                   2 gram
  3. Black Pepper                                 3 gram
  4. Roasted Lemongrass                10 gram
  5. Roasted Galangal                      10 gram
  6. Roasted Coriander Root           6 gram
  7. Roasted Shallot (red onion)    30 gram
  8. Roasted Garlic                            30 gram
  9. Shrimp paste                              15 gram
  10. Roasted Coriander seed           2 gram
  11. Roasted Cumin Seed                 1 gram
  12. Roasted Star Anise                    1 gram
  13. Roasted Cardamom                  1 gram
  14. Roasted Cinnamon                    1 gram


Dried chili cut out the seed and soak in water until it soft. Ingredient from no.4-8 must be sliced and roasted it until smell aromatic. No.10-14 roasted and grid it fine. Wrap the shrimp paste and grill it 2-3 minutes.

After you finish the entire step in the beginning. Put all ingredients from no.1-no.8 in mortar and smash it until fine. Add no.9-14 at the end.

Next step is we will cook it in the vegetable oil for 10 minutes. Add vegetable oil 10 tablespoon in the pan with medium heat, add all the paste in the pan cook it until you see the oil change to red color.

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