Breakfast Restaurant in Kata

Hello everyone,

I would like to show you where you should have breakfast if your hotel is not included it in the room. It is located around the corner from KataThaiCooking. They are opened from 7 am-1pm. The variety of breakfast from Thai to Westerner style such as Dim Sum, Phuket Noodle Soup with minced pork, Chinese Herb soup with spare rib, Boiled rice with minced pork, Ka nom Jean(Rice noodle come with your choice of curry), Chicken and rice with ginger sauce, and so much more. I recommend Phuket Noodle Soup with minced pork (no internal organ)(the waiter knows when you order because most of you don’t eat it). Dim sum you can pick at the front and after they cooked them it means it is yours. Can not return except they bring you wrong one. If your tummy is sensitive, you should not have Kanom Jean in the morning(FYI);). It has Green Curry as well yummm!

I post Photo of it at the front of the Building. Name ” MALA Dim Sum” They also have Apartment to rent.  Patak Road opposite with Big One Mini Mart.

Mala Dim Sum
Mala Dim Sum


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