Where to shop your grocery in Kata

Hello everyone,

If you are coming to Thailand and want to buy some ingredient for your cooking. SUPER CHEAP is the good place. It is located oppposite with PTT Gas  station in Kata Beach. It is on Patak Road. If you come from the beach, you will take Tai Na road and walk till hit traffic light. You will see it on your right hand. They have all sauces you need for Thai Cooking including cumin, coriander seed, dried chili, Palm sugar, coconut sugar, fish sauce, coconut milk, soy sauce, chili paste, glass noodle, Jasmine rice, Stiky rice,etc.

If you want to buy some vegetable specially fresh Chili, Lime, Basil, tumeric, Eggplant and more, you can go afternoon. They have a lot but not much as fresh market. All the fresh vegetables will get fill out the shelf by that time. Good price and fresh!. They take only cash.


Other place else, you can go to Big One Supermarket opposite with Mala restaurant(previous post)(Breakfast resetaurant). You can buy all curry paste you need.


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