About Kata Beach

This is the beautiful Kata Beach / Katabay

This is one of the most beautiful beaches in Phuket. It is suitable for couples and family’s holiday, approximately 1 hour or 44 km. from Phuket Airport. The best months to visit are from November – March because the beach is more clam and clear then. April, the weather becomes very very hot. May – October are raining. So the island itself is still nice to visit, but you might seek for more shadowed places then.:-)

Best time to visit Phuket and Kata Beach:

May – October is great to visit as well with a special price of accommodation since this isn’t the high and peak season any more. Of course Thailand and Phuket are not only famous for great beaches, it is also worth a visit because of its great local food.

If you want to learn how to cook this little delights on your own, our cooking class is perfect for you. Just take a quick 2 hours course and you are good to go to impress your family and friends at home. And believe me, they will be impressed.

Kata Beach offers so much to do and see!

Restaurants in Kata Beach / Phuket I would go to:

If you are around and just not into self cooking I can really recommend you some great restaurants around like Red Chair, Kampong, Lucky Tom, Thai Kitchen, Kwong Restaurant….and many more. Just drop me a note, I´ll help you out!

Fun holiday activities in Kata Beach:

Kata Beach is also a great location for visiting since you can do lots of fun activities: of course (and most recommended:-)) my Cooking Class, some nice Spa Treatments, Elephant Bathe, visit Phi Phi Island Tour, Canoeing Tour and many more. To stressed out for activities? Then just enjoy the beach!

And here are some images from Phuket, look how divers it is:

All this is Phuket, you see it is much more than just beautiful beaches. But, let´s be honest: The beaches really ARE great!