Naka Weekend Market

Hello Everyone who want to visit weekend market!

I took some photo to show you what they have to offer at Famous Weekend market beside Cooking Thai Food. Other activities you can do on Saturday and Sunday in evening is spending a few hours in weekend market. There are many shops. I must say it. My eyes went blur after I walk thru the market. There are Seasonal Fruit you can buy, Clothing, Souvenirs, Shoesssss, DVD, watch. hand made bag, etc. At the back of the market have a lot to try.

This market is separated in the section already easy to walk thru. Good price !

Naka weekend market






Recipe: Spring Roll Dipping Sauce

Hello There,

Summer is coming and weather is very hot and sunshine. After the peak season for tourist is done, I will post recipe I got request. Today will be the famous dipping sauce that Thai use for BBQ Chicken, Spring Roll, Fried Fish, and etc.

Sweet & Spicy Dipping Sauce

Here is the ingredients:

  • White Vinegar    1/2 cup
  • Sugar                    1/2 cup
  • Salt                         1 Tablespoon
  • Big Red Chili         1/2- 1 chili( ground it)and Garlic 2 Cloves


Mix vinegar, sugar and salt together and stir with meduim heat and lower the heat after it is boiled. Add water 1/4 cup and ground fresh big chili. Keep boil it until the sauce thicken. As the way you like. Taste it before finish. It should not have vinegar smell too strong. Then, wait until it cool down. it can serve with spring roll, or BBQ Chicken.

Where to shop your grocery in Kata

Hello everyone,

If you are coming to Thailand and want to buy some ingredient for your cooking. SUPER CHEAP is the good place. It is located oppposite with PTT Gas  station in Kata Beach. It is on Patak Road. If you come from the beach, you will take Tai Na road and walk till hit traffic light. You will see it on your right hand. They have all sauces you need for Thai Cooking including cumin, coriander seed, dried chili, Palm sugar, coconut sugar, fish sauce, coconut milk, soy sauce, chili paste, glass noodle, Jasmine rice, Stiky rice,etc.

If you want to buy some vegetable specially fresh Chili, Lime, Basil, tumeric, Eggplant and more, you can go afternoon. They have a lot but not much as fresh market. All the fresh vegetables will get fill out the shelf by that time. Good price and fresh!. They take only cash.



Other place else, you can go to Big One Supermarket opposite with Mala restaurant(previous post)(Breakfast resetaurant). You can buy all curry paste you need.


Breakfast Restaurant in Kata

Hello everyone,

I would like to show you where you should have breakfast if your hotel is not included it in the room. It is located around the corner from KataThaiCooking. They are opened from 7 am-1pm. The variety of breakfast from Thai to Westerner style such as Dim Sum, Phuket Noodle Soup with minced pork, Chinese Herb soup with spare rib, Boiled rice with minced pork, Ka nom Jean(Rice noodle come with your choice of curry), Chicken and rice with ginger sauce, and so much more. I recommend Phuket Noodle Soup with minced pork (no internal organ)(the waiter knows when you order because most of you don’t eat it). Dim sum you can pick at the front and after they cooked them it means it is yours. Can not return except they bring you wrong one. If your tummy is sensitive, you should not have Kanom Jean in the morning(FYI);). It has Green Curry as well yummm!

I post Photo of it at the front of the Building. Name ” MALA Dim Sum” They also have Apartment to rent.  Patak Road opposite with Big One Mini Mart.

Mala Dim Sum

Mala Dim Sum


Recipe: Massaman Paste

Hello Everyone,

We love to let you know that we post How to make Fresh Massaman Paste on the website now.  It is time consuming which usually we will buy it pre-made at market. Time to make the paste is 2-3 hours and cooking time is 2 hours+.

Massamam Curry Paste Massaman paste part II Massamancurry paste1


  1. Dried Chili (Large Chili)            10 gram
  2. Salt                                                   2 gram
  3. Black Pepper                                 3 gram
  4. Roasted Lemongrass                10 gram
  5. Roasted Galangal                      10 gram
  6. Roasted Coriander Root           6 gram
  7. Roasted Shallot (red onion)    30 gram
  8. Roasted Garlic                            30 gram
  9. Shrimp paste                              15 gram
  10. Roasted Coriander seed           2 gram
  11. Roasted Cumin Seed                 1 gram
  12. Roasted Star Anise                    1 gram
  13. Roasted Cardamom                  1 gram
  14. Roasted Cinnamon                    1 gram


Dried chili cut out the seed and soak in water until it soft. Ingredient from no.4-8 must be sliced and roasted it until smell aromatic. No.10-14 roasted and grid it fine. Wrap the shrimp paste and grill it 2-3 minutes.

After you finish the entire step in the beginning. Put all ingredients from no.1-no.8 in mortar and smash it until fine. Add no.9-14 at the end.

Next step is we will cook it in the vegetable oil for 10 minutes. Add vegetable oil 10 tablespoon in the pan with medium heat, add all the paste in the pan cook it until you see the oil change to red color.

Recipe:Thai Basil Stir Fried/ Pad Kra Pow

Hi Everyone,

Here is my favorite Pad Kra Pow!!


  • Vegetable oil                           1 tablespoons
  • Fresh Chop Garlic                   2 cloves
  • Chop Chili                                3-5 chilies(spiciness)

(2 types of chili, Large 4 slices(1 tablespoon) and small is up to you)

  • Soy Sauce( dark soy)              1 teaspoon
  • Fish Sauce                                1 tablespoon
  • Oyster Sauce                            1 tablespoon
  • Water                                        ¼ cup
  • Sugar                                        1 teaspoon
  • mix in 1/2 cup: Onion, Green Onion, Green Bean, Baby Corn
  • Meat                                        ¼ cup (Chicken, Beef, Pork) (80-100 g)
  • Basil Leave                              10-15 leaves

How To

Mix Paste by pounding Garlic, 2 types of chili together( just rough look)

Put the vegetable oil in the pan add Garlic and Chili. Fried until it turns light brown. Put meat cook until well done. Put Soy sauces, water, and put vegetable. When it cooks, add sugar. Then last thing is Basil leaves. Stir until 10 seconds. Serve with Jasmine rice.

Thai Recipe: Chicken in Pandan Leaves

Hello everyone,

This week I found beautiful Pandan Leave and I can not skip this favourite menu. Most of Thai will like it. We called it “Kai hor bai Tuey” or “Chicken in panda Leave”.

Simply and delicious!

Chicken in Pandan

Chicken 500gram, Sesame Oil 2 teaspoons, Oyster sauce 3 TB, Soy Sauce 1 TB, Mince garlic 1 TB and Coriander Root 2-3 Stems,  Black Pepper 1/2 TB.

Marinate it with chicken 2 hours then you wrap it with the pandan leave and fried it up around 7-9 minutes. You will get chicken nicely cooked. Serve with Sweet and Spicy Sauce (Spring roll sauce).