Recipe: Satay Part II:Peanut sauce

Hello Everyone, Here is the peanut sauce recipe. you can prepare the sauce a day before. Ingredients Massaman Curry paste                                                   50 gram Salt                                                                                     1 teaspoon Palm Sugar                                                                       6 tablespoons Tamarind paste                                                                4 tablespoons Ground peanut                                                                  1 cup Vegetable oil for frying the paste                                   3 tablespoons Coconut milk                                                                     3 cups Direction Add vegetable oil into the pan until warm…

Friday 3 May Dinner class Menu Change

Hello everyone, On May 3 Friday Dinner class will cook : Chicken Sate and Peanut Sauce, Larb, and Thai Basil Stir Fired. If you are interested to join, please sign up. Limited spot available. Kelly